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Very serious about his health, Alek hikes constantly with his friends.
Alek and a friend showing off one of his robot creations.
Alek was interviewed by Maggie Romano of Javana magazine.
Posing for the camera, Alek was attending a fashion show.
Alek at the 2006 Alma Awards red carpet with his friends.
At a friends wedding held in Maui.
Posing in the store next to his mannequin.
Taken by a professional photographer.
Busy at his machine.
Eating dinner with his two best friends.
best friends hiking

Alek Adorian,
the outstanding Armenian fashion designer, was born in Iran.

From his mother, who herself was an expert designer and seamstres, he learned early in life the necessary skills and insight needed to be a fashion designer.

In his 20's he took up boxing, and earned a middleweight championship. After that he went on to dancing, becoming an accomplished dancer he won many prestigious awards.

Having an eye for fashion, he decided that the current outfits available to dancers were not to his liking, so he opened his own design shop in London called, "Ace of Diamond". His first special customer was Elton John.

After some years of success in London, Alek determined Los Angeles was the place to be. Since his arrival in 1985 ,
he has been in the forefront of fashion. His astonishing creations continue to attract more celebrities , as well as numerous other customers.

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